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        Specific use vacuum contactor >High voltage (medium voltage)

        The universal AC vacuum contactor high voltage series generally refer to the vacuum contactor with rated operational voltage of 3kV-35kV. In the electric power industry, this voltage range is generally referred to as the medium voltage. However, because the nominal system voltage of the vacuum contactor is generally below 35kV, we are used to call them high voltage series in our company for differentiating with the low voltage series???

        ??The rated working voltage of high voltage series products are generally labelled as the highest value of the power grid according to GB. The specific values are shown in the table below

        Nominal voltage of the system kV






        Rated voltage of vacuum contactor kV






        Model naming method of the High voltage (medium voltage) is as follows:?

        ??? (1)(2)(3)—(4)(5)(6)/(7)(8)—(9)(10)(11)

        (1)Product name, represented by three-digit alphabet, representing the following meanings:

        CKG——AC high-voltage vacuum contactor

        JCZ——AC high-voltage vacuum contactor ?

        KCC——AC vacuum contactor manufactured by Wuxi Kaichi Electric Co., Ltd.

        (2)Design number, represented by the number without digit limitation. But when there are two or more digits, the first digit has a particular meaning and the several commonly used digits are as follows:?

        -5 for chemical use.?

        -8 for explosion-proof.?

        -9 for ships.?

        (3))Derived code of the series, it is generally represented by a one-digit alphabet, this represents the improve or derived applications of the serious of products, you can refer to the specific product type, commonly used are as follows: ?

        -C indicates that the vacuum contactor can be used in switching of the capacitive loads (AC-6a or AC-6b) (refer to special-purpose vacuum contactors).?

        (4)The rated voltage of switching element, unit is kV.?

        (5)General derived product logo, represented by one-digit or two-digit alphabet, the commonly used products are as follows:

        -E indicates usage of electronic control coil. ?

        -J indicates a contactor with mechanical latch.

        -K indicates a contactor with rapid closing device.

        (6)Derived flags, represented by a one-digit alphabet, the conventional objects are as follows:

        -G represents fixed conventional products (without chassis), it is generally not labeled.

        -Y indicates movable-type, the product is equipped with a chassis, bundle type plug is used in connection between the main circuit and the cabinet.

        (7)Special derivative product logo, representing a product used under special conditions, generally indicated by a bracketed one-digit or two-digit alphabet. In case of needs, it represents above two kinds of special conditions, in addition, they should be in the same brackets and separated by dots, commonly used products are as follows:

        -(TH)indicates usage in hot and humid areas. ?

        -(TA)indicates usage in dry and humid areas.?

        -(N)indicates usage in condensation areas. ?

        -(W)indicates usage in filthy areas.?

        -(G)indicates usage in high altitude areas, G can be followed with numbers representing the applicable elevation.

        -(H)indicates usage in cold areas.

        (8)Category of mechanism equipped with the vacuum contactor, it is expressed with a digit of an alphabet, commonly used categories are as follows: ?

        -C indicates permanent magnetic operating mechanism. ?

        -D indicates electromagnetic operating mechanism.?

        (9)Specification parameter,it generally indicates rated current of the switch element, the unit is A.?

        (10)Characteristic parameter, it generally indicates rated short time withstand current of the switch element, the unit is kA

        (11)Customized code of the enterprise, it is usually used to indicate a specific purpose or special design, it is usually represented by one or two-digit alphabet, For specific conditions, please refer to the manuals for each product.

        Common types are as follows:

        -D is the same as dual, indicating the condition of being installed with two vacuum contactors with the same specification on the backplane, interlock can be implemented by a mechanical device between them.

        Examples of models:?

        AC vacuum contactor, with design number 5, voltage rating 12kV, equipped with electromagnetic actuator, mechanical retention, with rated current 400A, rated short-time withstand current 4kA.

        Basic models of the products:JCZ5-12J/400

        Full product models:JCZ5-12J/D400-4


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