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        Generic class AC vacuum contactor > Low voltage

        Low voltage series AC vacuum contactor generally refers to the vacuum contactor with rated operational voltage below AC1000V (1140V). At present the company's low-voltage vacuum contactor falls into three categories, One type is CKJ5 series currently commonly used in market, the maximum operating current is up to 400A, the other is the general vacuum contactor independently developed by our company, the rated current is 160A~630A. Among them, the type with rated current 630A is for compensation of the lack in CKJ5-630, in which CKJ5 model is still used, but the mounting dimensions and external dimensions are different with CKJ5-630 which is commonly seen on the market, The third type is the product completely independently researched and developed by our company to meet the market needs.

        Model naming method of the low voltage vacuum contactor is as follows::

        (1)(2)(3) —(4)(5) /(6)—(7) (8)

        (1)(1)Group class code, with two or three digits of letters, expresses the following meanings: CKJ——AC vacuum contactor KCC——AC vacuum contactor manufactured by Wuxi Kaichi Electric Co., Ltd.

        (2)Design number, represented by the number without digit limitation. But when there are two or more digits, the first digit has a particular meaning and the several commonly used digits are as follows: -5 for chemical use. -8 for explosion-proof. -9 for ships.

        (3)Derived code of the series, it is generally represented by a one-digit alphabet, this represents the improve or derived applications of the serious of products, you can refer to the specific product type, commonly used are as follows:

        -C indicates that the vacuum contactor can be used in switching of the capacitive loads (AC-6a or AC-6b) (refer to special-purpose vacuum contactors).

        (4)Code of a variety, it generally indicates the rated current of the product, the unit is A.

        (5)Derived code of a variety, it is usually represented by a one-digit alphabet, it represents different features of the same kinds of products, commonly used codes are as follows: -E indicates usage of electronic control coil. -S indicates a contactor with mechanical latch. -Y indicates a permanent magnetic contactor.

        (6)General derived flag, represented by a one-digit alphabet, the conventional objects are as follows:

        -G indicates fixed type conventional product (without chassis), it is generally not labelled.

        -Y indicates movable-type, the product is equipped with a chassis, bundle type plug is used in connection between the main circuit and the cabinet.

        (7)Specification code, it generally indicates the rated voltage of the product, the unit is V.

        (8)Characteristic code, it is used to represent product characteristics other than variety and specification. We generally represent the main circuit polar number with nP. ?For example, 2P represents two-pole, the conventional three-pole can do without representation.

        Examples of models: Contactor, arc extinguishing medium is vacuum, used in AC, with design number 5, rated current 400A, rated voltage 1140V, tri-polar:

        Basic models of the products:CKJ5-400/1140

        Full product models:CKJ5-400/1140-3P


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